Bill Callahan Reading @ Spoonbill

Spoonbill & Sugartown Books is pleased to present Bill Callahan, also known as Smog or (Smog), to read from his new epistolary novel Letters to Emma Bowlcut. Reading begins at 7:30, Thursday, January 27th.

Letters to Emma Bowlcut, an epistolary novelette, collects sixty-
two letters from a nameless protagonist to a woman he saw at a
party. The letters form the seduction, in sifting the loose, dispa-
rate details of his day-to-day — the desires, the frustrations, the
joys. The self as depicted through emotional weather updates,
social observations, anecdotes, advice, and well-timed punch-
Letters to Emma Bowlcut captures the sensual and esoteric quali-
ties of letter correspondence. There is something in the time it
takes the post to deliver, and the physicality of the object that
eventually arrives, that evokes an intimacy, a depth; a desire to be
known and an opportunity to present oneself in the internal
fantasy of every day’s secret internal dialogue.


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