WE DON’T DO TOO MANY “signings” here at Spoonbill, where an author isn’t presenting work, reading it aloud and then taking questions or comments. That’s been the arrangement in the past. These events usually last an hour or two and we then almost apologetically remind the audience that we’d all appreciate it if they actually bought one of the author’s books. We often feel that after the efforts the author has gone to to travel here, do the reading and put up with questions, it’s really too much to ask that they stay a while longer and sign copies for us to sell later on. Historically, we’ve had high quality readings & deep, racous question-and-answer sessions with almost non-existent book sales. 

On Thursday, March 8, 2012 one of our favorite writers will deign to cross the Spoonbillian threshold — known to the initiated as the le Zone du Spoon — BUT WILL NOT READ A WORD. That’s right: GEOFF DYER will be signing his new book ZONA: A  Book About A Film About A Journey To A Room at 3 PM.

Dyer won’t be reading at Spoonbill & Sugartown because, according to his publicist, he is BOOKED. Indeed, during his brief New York visit he has events at 192 Books, The New School, American Museum of the Moving Image and SVA. We say Pshaww, but are happy to have him come by anyway. Hopefully he will enjoy a liberal dose of our notorious hospitality and choose to do the American debut of his next book at Spoonbill & Sugartown.

Nice Website, Geoff:


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