JAMIE JOHNSTON (1983-) just returned from her native Montana, where she bagged a large white-tailed buck. We are cheered in advance of her January departure from our employ by the scraps she brought us, as a form of consolation, in the form of pieces of jerky derived from the animal pictured above. She kept the choice parts, which she has in her freezer at home.

She has been an excellent book buyer and bookseller, and has kept the shop humming and thriving not least by whipping its owners into some kind of shape on a daily basis. We will miss her dearly. More on her next venture in a future post.

***We have recently secreted into the flowing stock a nice collection of second hand books on FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT. It presently consists of about 150 volumes as well as ephemera from various exhibitions and Wright organizations. Only some of it is on display; the rest can be seen by appointment or will gradually be brought in as space permits.

***We also have a collection of JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHY, mostly from the 90’s and after, with many of the heavy hitters but also some more obscure photographers. Again, only some of this is in the shop – the rest is at our SECRET WAREHOUSE, by appt.

****The Holidays appear to be upon us. We think you will be made merry by a visit to the shop – we don’t see how you can’t be. A veritable cacophony of beautiful books have descended in our midst. And it almost goes without saying: We ship books to your distant loved ones anywhere in the States. We have books for (almost) everyone, including your difficult uncle and his children. A few pictures of a very few books below:




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