Brooklyn Rail Fiction Extravaganza June 13 7:30 @ Spoonbill

Thursday 6/13 7:30 
Lewis Warsh
Dawn Raffel 
and a staged reading of Fernando Pessoa’s play
The Mariner (a static drama in 1 scene)
Spoonbill Books 
218 Bedford Ave
Williamsburg BK
This second helping of the Rail’s fiction section is that rare collection that is joyfully archival: a work which genuinely spans the globe. It is a dusty-fingered, crypt-cracking dossier of stories that conjure laughter, fear, and awe. It reminds us that anthologies were once anthologia – “collections of flowers” – by forming a garland of wild blossoms, artfully linking Brooklyn-in-bloom to plants of international origin. Fair warning: the Rail’s compiled fiction will send hapless rookies and even a few sage hounds back into dogged, lifelong addiction to thrilling tales and lost yarns. It will return you to that fabled moment when you first entered some back-alley record shop or bookstore in our fair borough and found gatekeepers sorting through stacks of unknown pleasures. Donald Breckenridge and his band of archaeologists are those treasured excavators who stood before you and uttered those magic words, “Have you ever tried this? Because if you like that, this’ll knock you out.”
Nick Curley VOL.1 Brooklyn

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