Paul Rome at Bat Haus Friday, 7:00 pm

Please join us for the launch of Paul’s new book.


Friday, October 18 , set up at 7, party at 8 pm
Bat Haus | 279 Starr Street Brooklyn, NY 11237
Brooklyn Brewery will provide beer.


As Tom Claughlin–a husband, recent father, and long-time advocate for New York City’s workers–becomes increasingly rattled by domestic life inside a one bedroom apartment, he plunges further into the case of a haunted former receptionist, using it as a way to get closer to the firm’s newest intern, and unwittingly pledging his own worth on its outcome.

Playing out on two fronts, home and work, the drama is set in motion when new characters emerge in each: a young male baby-sitter stealing the affection of Tom’s wife and son and the receptionist seeking justice and vindication. Framed by four months in the fall of 2005, a simmering family and office story slowly unravels into something, more unusual, surreal, and ambiguous. We All sleep In The Same Room blends the tra- ditional intimacy and immediacy of private-eye noir-style with the hu- morous, obsessive, digressive, observations of modern realism. Below a surface that is both touching and disturbing, optimistic, and cynical, is a sustained meditation on family and work, responsibility, and abandon- -and the transformative and destructive impact of beauty and death on an otherwise moral life.

PAUL ROME is a writer of fiction and performance literature. His work has been described endearingly neurotic and sharp satire that glistens with sophistication and wit. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.


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