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Tarot in the Age of Trump

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Wednesday March 15th, starting at 7:00 PM. $25.00. Spots are limited. To reserve a space please email Bear the address in mind if you are coming: 99 Montrose Avenue, Brooklyn.

Meet your co-captains Birdie & Elisia, sponsored by the acclaimed Spoonbill Studios, on the auspicious ides of March.


We will center the conversation around Rider Waite, but all decks are welcome (but not required! ) please limit one deck per participant.

The age of Trump gives us a chance to look at ourselves and analyze our choices with a sharper eye than ever. The tarot is our preferred tool of objectivity as it holds the potential to reveal directly what truths are most vital to optimizing awareness and facilitating effective action.

The tarot seeks to open possibilities and strive toward resolutions by firstly mirroring the actual state of balance of self, or a person or situation, and then pointing out the specific elements needed to achieve an ideal state of equilibrium, which in the tarot occurs between and among thought/awareness, feeling/acceptance, action/genius, and building/working.

The goal of the tarot is the same as of all systems of health and medicine: to attain and maintain balance. At certain times in life, this is a simpler task than at other times, when outside factors seem stronger and obstacles more prevalent. Besides advising us on how to seek wholeness, the tarot can also diagnose the causes of a fragmented situation, shed light on why/how, and even when things seem lost, to focus and center.

Whether you are just starting out or are a veteran of the tarot, you will come to learn that there is a story line always, that explains precisely how we got from A to B to C and so on. Understanding that process in as much historical detail as you have the concentration to research is key to gathering control over the present and the future. Gaining knowledge of how life veers on or off course provides an opportunity to make new choices and discover alternative pathways.

As you can tell, the tarot is an invaluable system of navigation, which can be indispensable and unrivaled especially at a time of national and international collective chaos; firstly, by bringing your own spirit and life to understanding and henceforth evolution, but also in gaining knowledge of the world’s process, how it arrived at its current state, and how through individual increased conscious awareness, each can start to live in a way that reflects and builds upon such wisdom, thus introducing a new method of not just surviving but living fully in harmony, wealth and sustained bliss.


Poetry 99 Monday, March 13th at Spoonbill Studios in Bushwick

Spoonbill Studios Monthly Poetry Reading Series on March 13th will hold another night featuring the magic of a few great and wonderful poets including Lyric Hunter, Ariana Reines, Marwa Helal, M’Bilia Meekers, Ian Dreiblatt and hosted by JC Hopkins. This series continues to captivate audiences with passionate and intimate work– Wine and commiseration.

Prelude Books Launch at Spoonbill Bushwick

Saturday March 4th, 8pm at Spoonbill Studios in Bushwick Prelude Books presents a reading in celebration of Catherine Blauvelt’s Here High Note, High note and Armando Jaramillo Garcia’s The Portable Man with Adrienne Raphel, Chris Hosea, Maja Lukic, Tony Mancus and more– 99 Montorose Ave, Brooklyn

Poetry 99- Spoonbill Studios Monthly Poetry Reading Series- February 13th

unnamed-3An exciting evening of some of the finest poets in Brooklyn and beyond.

Featuring Sasha Banks, Sophie Malleret, Joanna Valente and Monica McClure

Hosted by JC Hopkins — Wine, Commiseration and Conversation

7pm at 99 Montrose– Brooklyn

Poetry 99 @ Spoonbill & Sugartown

On Monday January 16th at 7PM the second monthly installment

of the poetry reading series at the Spoonbill Studio, 99 Montrose Avenue. Hosted by the one and only JC Hopkins. Readers are Parker Menzimer, Madeleine Braun, Diannely Antigua, Valerie Hsiung, Martina Salisbury and JC Hopkins.

There are only a few days left before the apocalypse

so come catch some good vibes while you still can.

Title TK Performance/Book Launch


Please join us this Friday at 7:00 PM for a live performance by Title TK, a band made up byAlan Licht, Cory Arcangel and Howie Chen. Primary Information has just published a book containing transcripts of some of their stand-out performances. We will have the book for sale and signing. Should be a good evening of entertainment. Make sure to note that we are at 99 Montrose Avenue.


Release Party for Small Spells Tarot Deck


Save the date! Rachel Howe will be having a release party for her Small Spells Tarot Deck at @spoonbillbooks at 99 Montrose Avenue on Dec 2nd. Event will last from 7 PM til 10PM.

🔮 Some past students of her tarot workshops will come & give free readings to you 🌟 Small Spells prints will also be available. Don’t miss this unique event.

Prelude 3 poetry Magazine Launch

Prelude 3 Cover Image Full.jpg

Saturday, November 11: 8pm until 11:00

Please join us for a party in celebration of the launch of our third issue! Featuring readings by:

sam sax
JH Yun
Tommy Pico
Callie Garnett
Zachary Pace
Wendy Lotterman
Sasha Fletcher

The event will be held at the Spoonbill and Sugartown Annex Space at 99 Montrose Ave in Bushwick; books will be on sale, in addition to copies of the issue. Refreshments will be available.

The New Sophists Art and Technology in the Transmodern Era: a Socratic Discussion between Daniel Coffeen and Scott Von

Daniel Coffeen is coming to town. Come to Spoonbill Bushwick on Thursday night to attend a talk between Daniel and Scott Von. Refreshments served.screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-9-02-46-pm


The Need For And Nature Of Independent Publishing with Tariq Goddard and Sukhdev Sandhu

brooklyntalkPlease join us tomorrow at Spoonbill’s Bushwick location tomorrow night for this exchange of minds.